In December 2010 - January 2011, I was in Bitterwasser, Namibia, for two weeks. I’ve been flying there as the copilot of Christian Hynek in his ASH-25 (DD). While it was harsh winter in Europe, it was hot summer down there, so we could enjoy some very nice gliding weather. The second week was already a bit too humid, but the first week was really great: we managed to do two 1000 km flights, and one of them was an FAI triangle. I’ve never experienced such good gliding conditions before. Many strong thermals (3-4-5 m/s), very high cloud bases (4000-5000 m AMSL i.e. 3000-4000 m AGL), and early thermal starts (10:30-11:00 LT, with sunset at ca. 19:30 LT). Flying a 1000 km there is easy: you just have to fly on average of 130 km/h for 8 hours, and that’s it. With an ASH-25, this is not a problem.

It wasn’t the cheapest adventure, but it was well worth every eurocent.

I also wrote a blog about my adventures in Bitterwasser, but it’s only in Hungarian.

Day 0: Still at Frankfurt Airport

Day 1: Arrival to Namibia

Day 2: Rest day, so I had time to take some photos

Day 3: First flight on Christmas Eve

Day 4: Rest day, with sunset watching on the dunes

Day 5: 1000!

Day 6: Another 1000 km, this time an FAI triangle

Day 7: We barely made home

Day 8: Only 500 km, but a very enjoyable flight. Palm tree planting in the evening.

Day 9: Storm in the afternoon

Day 11: Yet another rest day

Day 12: Finally flying again

Day 13: Nothing to do

Day 14: Disassembly

Day 15: Surprise flight with the local Twin Astir

Day 16: Farewell to Namibia


I compiled a short video of my vacation in Bitterwasser. Turn on the sound, it has music! For the German visitors who cannot watch this Youtube video: you can find the same video on Vimeo.